From a very young age, all I thought about were cars, feeling an especial attraction for unusual models and high-performance sports cars. It was a hobby shared with my father, who passed on to me everything from his enthusiasm for any vehicle giving off the smell of petrol and his constant reading of motor magazines to his wisdom about sport driving techniques – he had taken part in competitions.

With a growing passion, at the age of 24, after completing my degree in Business Administration and MBA at ICADE, I decided to partially disengage myself from some of the family businesses to pursue my dream alone.

Supported by a staff who are still with me today, I began selling the beautiful, and nowadays classic, final-series Rover Mini Coopers, then diversifying the business to become a specialist in unusual models of extremely high quality with low mileage. All this has allowed me to establish contact, and even friendship, with important collectors and investors, reputable professionals in the sector and hundreds of enthusiasts all over the world. It’s a circle of loyalty growing every day.

Luis Pardo

Today, after more than 20 years’ hard work and many satisfied customers, I can say that, fortunately, I made the right decision.

Luis Pardo

Passion and experience

Since 2001, we share with our clients and followers our enthusiasm and experience for special cars and during this time we have evolved to become specialists in unusual pieces, dreams of youth and classic and sports vehicles with extreme quality.

Nowadays there are many enthusiasts, collectors and investors that have deposited their trust in us, and this has allowed Ewagen Classic & Sportcars to be positioned as a reference in the international market, specialized in:

Exclusive, top-of- the-line classic, “youngtimer” and sports cars in pristine condition: our vehicles are sold in their original condition and, despite their age, they all have a perfect exterior, interior and mechanics, excellent maintenance history and generally low mileage - a key factor for ensuring a long life span and a vehicle that feels and handles like a new car.

Cult vehicles typical of a particular era or more modern sports cars which, due to their characteristics, hold a special place in automobile history.

Searching for special-order vehicles, focusing on the customer's requirements in regard to engine, age, mileage, colour and finish options, all within the shortest possible time.

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Quality, in the strictest sense

Quality, in the strictest sense, is the foundation on which the Ewagen company is built; without it, it would have been impossible to develop a project whose main focus is to search for and sell automobiles which satisfy the needs of our most demanding customers, for whom a car is more than just a way of getting around - and with a level of protection equivalent to that of a new car.

To achieve the levels of quality demanded by its customer profile, Ewagen has established a system in which each process includes a set of parameters based on standard ISO 9001, starting with the search and receipt of the vehicle through to its sale and generating customer loyalty. Under this system, only those vehicles which satisfy each and every one of the specifications based on these quality parameters are accepted into the company inventory and must be thoroughly tested and examined in detail before being put on the market.

Moreover, the Ewagen Quality System is continuously being improved and developed in order to adjust to emerging customer trends and to ensure the company's consolidation on the market.

The exhaustive selection process for each of its vehicles in stock, combined with its rigorous quality parameters, enables Ewagen to offer cars which are very difficult to find on the European market due to their particular specifications and impeccable condition.



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